Casual Collection : Barbara Pallazo

Assalamualaikum! We think its time to release our new casual collection pants
Barbara Pallazo. For this collection we’ll bring the feel of urban
vibes! Barbara Pallazo represents street outfit style which is
fashion trending nowdays. Suit for hijabista to wear it at any
occasion. Barbara Pallazo has 3 colors which is Green ,Olive Green
and Beige. Best to style it with a plain t-shirt or sleeveless shirt mix
with long cardigan or jeans jacket. Add some accessories like
sunglass will make you look even more attractive and funky. This
Pallazo you must have in your wardrobe. Using Table Crepe
material which can make you feel more comfortable to wear
InshaAllah we will guarantee that you will never regret by wearing our Pallazo Barbara.

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